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Welcome to Adtec Auto

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Auto Electrical Services

We offer a wide range of automotive electrical products such as automotive lighting, battery charges, alternators and start motors. We also supply and fit 4WD secondary battery systems, battery isolators and lighting and switches. Our top-quality range of trusted alternator/starter motor brands includes:
Different Brands
Delco Remi
Nippon Denzo
Magnetti Morelli
Our batteries are:
Fitted on site
Supplied to you direct in the event of emergency breakdown
Quality brands – Century, G. Force and more
Fitted by qualified auto electricians
We also service and repair air conditioning on Cars, Trucks and Earthmoving equipment on-site. We can also retrofit service to 134A gas specifications.
We also stock spare parts:
systems. Stock Spare Parts Hoses original or made to order
TX Valves
Condenser fans
Compressor belts
As well as complete lighting systems
Automotlighting systems
The in your car or truck play a vital role in your ability to drive safely in and around Adtec auto. The possibility of an accident increases when you are not able to see or be seen when driving your vehicle. When you notice a problem with your lights, you should come by our Adtec auto service center for a free inspection. The components of the lighting systems regularly needs replacement due to a various reasons, including operating conditions, frequency of use, the material used to make the light. The team of auto repair and service specialists at our Adtec auto service center are professionally trained and certified in the repair and service of automotive lighting systems. Your safety is our number one concern and as such our mechanic staff uses only the best automotive repair equipment at our Adtec auto repair centre.
Battery charges

Adtec auto is the leader in the service and repair of auto charging systems. Our Adtec auto staff take the time to educate our customers in knowing that the battery, starting and charging systems in their car or truck play pivotal roles in ensuring the dependable operation of your vehicle while driving . The car battery stores electrical energy that is then converted by the starter into the mechanical force necessary to start your engine. The alternator then serves the purpose of producing the electrical current – initially provided by the car battery – that is necessary for the vehicle’s electrical needs when the engine is running.

Here are various factors that contribute to the wear and tear of your vehicle’s battery, charging, and starting systems. For example the frequent turning on and off of your automobile when running errands will cause more wear and tear than a daily commute to and from your workplace. Other factors that affect the wear and tear of the battery, charging, and starting system include auto driving and weather conditions, overall mileage, vehicle age, and various automotive components like in-vehicle entertainment systems that cause an excessive electrical draw.

The symptoms you may experience that indicate possible problems with your battery, charging, and starting systems include the dimming of headlights and interior lights, the “check engine” and/or battery light coming on, or the failure of various car or truck accessories.


When we receive an alternator for repair, we like to have a one-on-one relationship with the customer about the problems they are experiencing with the unit, then we bench test the Alternator to verify the initial complaint. Most of the time we find the unit is not working, but occasionally we may find a working unit. At that point it could be other issues like battery condition, cables, grounding issues, etc.

The alternator on your vehicle provides power to operate your lights and all electric accessories on your car and recharges the battery after starting your car. Because an alternator has a “Duty Cycle”, jump starting your car without charging the battery is very stressful to the alternator and is recommended only in emergencies.

An alternator is an A/C generator. Early automobiles had DC generators. The reason manufacturers went to alternators is that they are capable of providing higher amperage output.

Starter motors:

Bring your Starter Problems to our experts at adtec autos.

Do you know the symptoms of a bad starter? Your car can fire up in the morning but still have problems caused by a bad starter.

Bring your car or truck toadtec autos for diagnostics if you notice some or all of these problems when you start your vehicle:

1.Response or Clicking Noise When Turning the Key
2. Slow Cranking When You Have a Good Battery
3. Grinding or Whining Motor Noise

Speciality Starter Services and Rebuilds for All Vehicles

For large equipment, snow plows or motorcycles, the experts at adtec autos have the tools and experience to diagnose and solve starter problems beyond the usual domestic or imported cars and trucks. We can replace, repair or rebuild the starter. Contact us for information about our starter specialties.

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